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About Workplace OHS
WorkplaceOHS is Australia’s premier OHS information resource keeping thousands of subscribers from every state and industry in Australia up to date.
By subscribing to WorkplaceOHS you can be confident that you have all the information and resources you need at your fingertips to provide for a safe working environment.
Our unique system is easy to use and greatly simplifies the process of staying OHS compliant. It also saves you valuable time and money.
"Safety in the workplace is a high priority for commercial success. Our subscription to WorkplaceOHS allows us to be kept up-to-date with emerging OHS issues and helps us to make the business a safer place to work in" 
Nick Duffy 
OHSE Manager
AMF Bowling Centres Australia 
"WorkplaceOHS is an extremely useful tool. We use it frequently to stay abreast of emerging trends and communicate these to key stakeholders within the company"
Jack de Lange
Chief Operating Officer
Spatial Industries Business Association Limited 
"WorkplaceOHS is very useful, it alerts us to emerging trends. With templates such as policies and procedures on hand, we save time and always have the information we need handy."  
Liz Smelt 
Service Improvement Co-ordinator
Finding Workable Solutions Inc.

Key Features and Benefits
Daily News Alerts
We keep you up to date with daily OHS developments delivered to your inbox.

Ask an Expert Service
Email in your OHS questions, our experts provide a written response.

Business Tips
Practical tips on how you can improve key OHS areas.
Resource Library
Comprehensive library on all facets of OHS info.

Our Q&A library provides answers to popularly asked questions.

Search Tools
Our powerful search engine allows you to find what you need fast.

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The cost of your subscription package to WorkplaceOHS is based on the number of site licences you require.

We also give a discount to clients who have membership of our NSW Business Chamber (Australian Business is a wholly owned subsidiary of NSW Business Chamber).
All prices are for an annual subscription and include GST.
How to subscribe
Simply click subscribe now and you will be guided through the subscription process step-by-step.
Or you can contact customer service by email, or call 1800 505 529