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What is WorkplaceOHS? Why subscribe to WorkplaceOHS? Who's behind WorkplaceOHS? Who are the content partners for WorkplaceOHS? Who's on the editorial team for WorkplaceOHS?

What is WorkplaceOHS?
WorkplaceOHS gives workplace health and safety (WHS) managers and professionals up-to-the-minute news, tools and expert guidance, to arm you with the necessary insights to help make your operations legally compliant, efficient and safe.
WorkplaceOHS is proactive — it delivers news of the latest WHS decisions, developments and leading trends to your desktop via email.
Deep links to the case report and/or legislation in the AustLII (Australian Legal Information Institute) site.

A web search engine that indexes Australian and international WHS sites including employer associations, employee associations and government web sites.
Ask an Expert — Our WHS specialists at Australian Business Consulting and Solutions have a wealth of practical experience working with hundreds of businesses and offer expert advice on all aspects of WHS practice to subscribers.
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Who’s behind WorkplaceOHS?
Australian Business Consulting and Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of NSW Business Chamber which has represented the workplace relations interest of business for nearly two centuries. Australian Business Consulting and Solutions harnesses the research, lobbying and policy achievements of the NSW Business Chamber to develop practical and cost effective solutions in OHS and workers compensation. 
Australian Business Consulting and Solutions strongly believes the diversity and independence of information and opinion on this site is critical to being a valued service to the Australian OHS community. 
For more information on Australian Business Consulting and Solutions contact 1800 505 529. 
Who are the content partners for WorkplaceOHS? 
The Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII), which maintains Australia’s largest database of primary legal material. AustLII provides WorkplaceOHS with links to critical documents in the OHS area, including legislation, court and commission judgments, and industrial awards where available. 
WorkplaceOHS also receives contributions from a large number of OHS experts from all over the country to ensure that it maintains its reputation for diversity and excellence.