Notification of injury/illness/incidents

Minor work injuries. Illness and mishaps do not need to be reported to any external authority, though it may be worth noting them in the company’s own internal record keeping system (eg a workplace register of injuries), as they can sometimes be indicators of potentially serious health and safety problems.

Serious injuries and serious work-related ill health do need to be reported, however. They must be reported to the state/territory work health and safety (WHS) regulator, in case an urgent investigation is needed. Dangerous incidents also need to be reported to the regulator, even if no-one is injured. This section sets out information on the kinds of injuries, diseases and incidents that must be reported to the WHS regulator.

The incident site must not be disturbed until an inspector arrives, though anyone injured must be helped, and the safety of the site must be ensured.

Note that this requirement to notify the regulator is completely separate from, and additional to, the requirement to notify the company’s workers compensation insurer of any injury or illness that will be the subject of a claim for workers compensation.

[Last updated 20 September 2018]