Injury notification

Employers and employees have a duty to provide, maintain and promote a safe system of work. However in the event that a workplace injury or death does occur then the appropriate WHS authority must be notified. ‘Dangerous incidents' usually have to be notified as well, even though no-one may have been injured.

Note: An ‘injury’ requiring notification is usually considered to be one which incapacitates the worker for work for a specified time. It is therefore not necessary to notify the authorities in the event of minor injuries.

The requirement for WHS authorities to be notified of workplace incidents is to facilitate any investigation that may be needed so that breaches of the relevant Act can potentially be prosecuted. If the correct authorities are notified accurately and quickly then claims costs can be reduced.

All jurisdictions require that plant or any other thing which is involved in a death, injury, illness or occurrence must not be disturbed without the permission of an inspector, unless it is necessary to save a life, relieve suffering or prevent damage to property or injury to persons.

[Last updated 31 July 2015]